Note – This is a review, click here to visit FanDuel.com.

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If you are looking for a unbiased review of FanDuel, I’m not sure you’ll get it here. Wait!! Keep Reading! How can I be unbiased towards Fantasy Leagues that I can pick, play, and collect ($$) all in the same day? If you have been sucked into the world of Fantasy Sports and you know it would be a tough choice between your wife or your league, then you don’t need to read any further. Stop wasting my time and yours, Click Here: FanDuel.com, and sign up already! I’ll see you on the other side!

But please come back and thank me of the best decision of your life, and enjoy the commentary on your favorite fantasy sports.

Now, for the rest of you who are still unsure if “On Demand” daily fantasy sports are for you, I’ll do my best as an unbiased fact presenter. Answering questions like, Is it legit, Is it User Friendly, Is it legal, and much more. Scroll down or Click Here to continue reading.


FanDuel Review – Unbiased Facts

Note – This is a review, click here to visit FanDuel.com.


There are many reasons to be hesitant of a daily fantasy sport site. When do I get paid? How much does it cost? How often will I be able to enter a contest? Is it legal? Here are a few features that I noticed almost immediately:

  • Money Back Guarantee – Try a $5 or $10 game and if you don’t like it FanDuel will refund your money.
  • Fast Payouts – At anytime you can withdraw the money you have deposited or won. Winnings are paid instantly. Don’t wait to collect until the end of the season anymore.
  • So much action – 15,000 open leagues and $4 million payed out every week!
  • No longer stuck with a crappy team all season long. Once the game is done you get to start fresh the next day.
  • There are constantly promos being offered to make the games more interesting and possibly increase your winnings.
  • Completely Legal in the US and Canada – Except for in Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, or Montana.
  • No cost to join the site or maintain membership. The way the site is maintained is by collecting a small entry fee for each contest you enter.

If these features eased your worries click here to sign up at FanDuel.com.

How FanDuel Works

FanDuel is extremely easy to sign up for and use. Once you sign up, which doesn’t even require you to deposit any money, you can start picking and playing contests immediately. I like bullet points, so here we go,

Contest choices:

  • Join daily or weekly games and/or
  • If you don’t see a game that entices you, create your own fantasy sport contest.
  • Set up private contests to play against friends.
  • Join NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, CBB, and/or CFB contests.
  • Enter one game or as many as you want.
  • Enter free games, $1 games, $2 games, even up to $535 games.
  • Enter Head-to-Head, Leagues, 50/50s (half win and half lose), and Tournaments.

Picking Your Team

Once you have chosen a contest to enter it is time to pick a team:

  • Just stay under the salary cap and make sure you don’t have four players from one team. That’s It! You can join a contest and pick your team in minutes!
  • If you have any last minute changes, not a problem. You can adjust your fantasy team right up until the start of the game.

Game Time

Just like your season long fantasy teams you rack up points every time one of your players does something right. Just sit back and watch the points add up. Click here if you are interested in scoring for a specific sport.


I hope that this review has helped you understand how FanDuel works. I believe this is one of the easiest, user-friendly, straight forward sites that to play daily fantasy sports. The promotions are fun to join and as good as this site is it seems to be getting better all the time. I can’t wait until they add more sports. So who is this site good for? Well I would say veteran fantasy owners, newbie fantasy owners, owners that have a season long fantasy teams that is going nowhere, impatient owners, if you like fantasy basketball, fantasy baseball, fantasy football, fantasy hockey, fantasy college sports, free fantasy sports, instant winnings, and so on and so on. Let me end with a few pros and cons.

Feel free to click here if you are ready to sign up.


  • Fun
  • User Friendly
  • Instant Payouts
  • So Many Options
  • Friendly Tech Support
  • Great Promotions
  • Daily Contests
  • Accommodated for Experienced or New Owners


  • The Chat Option – There is a constant chat going on that really ends up being a place almost impossible to have a normal conversation. It would be nice if there were a few chat options so you could join a conversation that had a topic instead of one place where every conversation turns into an insults match. Update: They must have heard I wasn’t happy with their chat because they did away with it.
  • Account Suspensions – My account was suspended early on because they thought it could have been fraudulent. Now thats fine that they are watching out for fraudulent accounts but when they suspended mine they didn’t contact me to tell me how to resolve the issue. I had to contact them. Once I did it was an easy process and they tech staff was very helpful.
  • Not Enough Sports! I’ll always want more sports.
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